Rachel Payne is tech entreprenuer, philanthropist, Board Member and overall change maker. Rachel is the Founder & CEO at FEM Inc. FEM Inc. operates prizma, a video engagement platform that offers video discovery and smart syndication powered by a robust content recommendations engine. Prizma was recently acquired by Gracenote, a Neilsen company, for an undisclosed amount in June 2018.

Rachel started FEM inc. when she realized that there was an enormous opportunity in entertainment for innovation. She has always been at the forefront of technology. She's founded multiple companies, including inDplay (which was acquired in 2008 by Ascent Media Group) and was on the founding team of Google.org.


She served on the Board of BRAC USA, the U.S. headquarters for the global NGO BRAC, rated #1 in the world.

Additionally, Rachel was one of the Democratic candidates for the 48th Congressional District of California.




FEM, Inc.

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